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I'm living proof


I was given an extraordinary gift. At 30 years old my heart stopped. Without warning or indication, I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while at work. Unlike 90% of others who have been similarly afflicted, I not only live to tell the tale, but I survived this near-death experience without damage to my heart muscle or brain. This is an outcome rarely seen. I was given the gift of heartbeats and a second chance at life by my colleagues who sprung into action and performed CPR.



Choose the best way for you to learn CPR and get certified. Public CPR classes are offered, as well as corporate and private training is available upon request.

Public CPR Courses

Take a course near you.

Your response could save someone’s life. Sign up for a Public CPR course located in Montreal or Toronto.

Team Building Workshop

Train your staff.

Bring your team together, build trust, learn a life-saving skill. On-site corporate CPR team building workshops are offered.

Private CPR Course

Organize a course.

Host a CPR course for those you care about. Choose a date and location that work for you. 

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